Préserve™ – Redefining Produce Preservation Standards

Corrigan has made a significant leap in the field of produce preservation with its nebulization system. Préserve™, utilizing true dry fog technology, sets unprecedented benchmarks in creating optimal conditions for produce, without the wetting issues commonly associated with traditional preservation methods.

Technical Insights: A Comparative Study of a Competitive Fogging/Misting System.

A detailed analysis of a competitive fogging.misting system that uses compressed air, conducted at a midwestern culinary centric grocer, offers profound insights into its performance. Key findings from this study include:

  • Water Flowrate Samples: Two samples were collected, with Sample 1 yielding 0.104 lbs of water over a 94-second ON time and 4-minute OFF time, and Sample 2 producing 0.106 lbs of water under similar conditions. The average output was 0.105 lbs for a comparable ON/OFF cycle.
  • Calculated Flowrate: The measured flowrate per nozzle, accounting for the ON/OFF durations, was 0.136 gallons per hour (GPH).
  • Wetness Concerns: It was noted that the competitive system resulted in excessive wetness, affecting both the produce and the surrounding area, including the case front and floor.
  • Nozzle Spacing and Flowrate: The competitive nozzles, spaced every 12 inches, demonstrated a continuous flowrate of 0.482 GPH per nozzle.
  • Flowrate in a 4-Foot Section: The competitive system exhibited a flowrate of 0.544 GPH for a typical 4-foot section.

Data analysis revealed that Corrigan’s systems show a substantial reduction in flowrate compared to the competitive fogging/misting system, leading to significant water and energy savings over various section lengths.

The key takeaway from this study is the superior efficiency and effectiveness of the Corrigan systems in terms of water and energy usage, particularly when contrasted with the wetness issues of the system using compressed air technology.

Préserve’s Efficiency and Savings

The Préserve system demonstrates remarkable efficiency and savings:

  • Water Usage: It consumes 58% less water than standard misting systems and 86% less than fog and mist combination products.
  • Energy Efficiency: Operating on just 25W per 8-foot section, Préserve is significantly more energy-efficient than comparable fog and mist compressor units or ultrasonic nebulizer units.
  • Sustainable Materials: The incorporation of recyclable materials in its design underscores Préserve’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Overall Impact: The system contributes to reduced agricultural water usage, decreased transportation energy, and a lower overall environmental footprint.

Comprehensive Preservation System: Préserve

Préserve leverages advanced technologies such as the HyperSoft Series Reverse Osmosis, TriOBreeze, and UltraMist to enhance the quality and shelf life of produce.

Corrigan Corporation: A Legacy of Innovation

Since its inception in the late 1970s, Corrigan Corporation has evolved from focusing on produce misting to becoming a leader in humidification and water filtration technologies. The company’s unwavering commitment to enhancing customer profitability through reliable and efficient solutions continues to guide its innovations.

Corrigan’s Préserve™, with its state-of-the-art dry fog technology, optimized water usage, and energy-efficient design, establishes new standards in the field of produce preservation. The comparative analysis with the competitive system highlights Préserve’s superior capabilities, making it a vital choice for retailers and suppliers aiming to maintain produce quality while reducing environmental impact. Préserve™ is not merely a product – it represents the future of sustainable and effective produce preservation.

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