VaporPlus Humidity System

VaporPlus™ is ideal for applications requiring high humidity levels. From warehouses, to coolers, to service cases, VaporPlus™ suits them all.

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VaporPlus™ Benefits

  • Simple timer operation (or easy to set humidistat)
  • Humidity fills case without wetting product
  • Does not require costly reverse osmosis water filtration
  • Optional MP3 audio marketing
  • Ease of installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Best industry warranty
  • Certified by NSF169



Corrigan humidity will increase your sales and profits

  • High humidity equates to less shrink
  • Longer shelf life
  • Product holds its marketability
  • Gently rolling fog attracts customer and protects display from drying effects of refrigeration
  • Perishable items maintain a fresh, natural appeal
  • Products can stay in case longer, including overnight
  • Better scale weights
  • Ice can be eliminated in seafood cases


System Operation

Timer initiates start of humidity cycle. Water valve opens and compressor activates, mixing regulated water and air as the nozzle produces protecting fog.

VaporPlus system diagram

A. Timer Control
B. Water Filters
C. Compressor Assembly
D. Nozzle
E. Vapor Humidity Fog

System Components


Includes sediment removal and custom Corrigan 100% KDF anti-bacterial filter.

Air Atomizing Nozzle

Stainless steel nozzle produces fine vapor fog, won’t rust and resists clogging.

Timer Control

Flexible setting so preferred humidity level is easily achieved.

Compressor Unit

Low profile design for installation ease with adjustable water regulator for added humidity control.



O3 is a natural and safe way to kill bacteria in seafood cases. Easily added to the VaporPlus™, Corrigan’s TriOBreeze System produces activated oxygen (O3) fog to extend product life, keep cases cleaner and reduce odors.

Safe Seafood

Open Air Seafood

Offered exclusively at Corrigan, this VaporPlus™ Humidity System is custom installed to spray above the open seafood case. This installation option helps maintain the quality of the seafood while remaining independent of the refrigeration, and the dramatic effect it creates really draws in a crowd!