Spam Policy

Effective Date: February 20, 2015

Corrigan Corporation of America (hereafter, “CCA”) neither sends nor condones spam.

Email Campaign Services

CCA works with trusted email campaign service providers to execute email campaigns. The relationship with these providers is more than a matter of convenience. Opt-in and opt-out list management is critical to campaign effectiveness, as is the offer or information contained in a message for a given campaign. The service providers maintain their own policies on spam, which are typically harsh toward violators. Our own policy is to require “double opt-in” confirmation for all new list subscribers. While double opt-in adds a step to mailing list sign-up, it gives the list owner record that the email address is valid and the owner of the email address indeed has consented to being contacted via email.

Canada Anti-Spam Law (“CASL”)

CASL defines what constitutes a commercial email message (“CEM”) and states how organizations are permitted to send CEMs from or to computers and devices in Canada. Much of CASL is congruent with the United States’ own CAN-SPAM legislation, as well as with the terms of the email distribution service we use. Each CEM contains at least one link by which a subscriber may opt out of subsequent messages. Although removal from the list is processed immediately, a subscriber may still receive a message queued before the opt-out request was received.

Questions about This Policy

If you have questions or concerns about our spam policy, please call or use our Contact form to share them with us. Your note may help us edit and improve our assertions in this policy. If you suspect that you have received spam from CCA, please give us the benefit of the doubt. Use our Contact form to report the alleged spam so we may investigate. Any time you contact us about suspected spam, please give a valid email address or telephone number so we may contact you for follow-up and resolution.

More Information

Finally, here are some simple do-it-yourself steps you can take to reduce the amount of spam you receive:

  • Take care where and how you display your email address in public.
  • Never respond to a spam message. This includes attempting to opt-out of unsolicited messages.
  • Review the privacy policy of any company that requests your email address. If you have a question about the policy, ask.
  • Use an email or spam filter.

To learn more about identifying and preventing spam, as well as general online safety, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s “OnGuard Online” consumer-education website at the following address:

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