The Corrigan Edge

For over 40 years, the inventors of produce misting have led the industry with a design evolution in automatic misting, humidity, water filtration and perishable solutions.

Engineered Reliability

Products designed and manufactured to perform consistently for years. Field service engineers who have earned the reputation for excellence.

Patented UltraMist™ Nozzle

Easily slides on and off. Smallest profile. So innovative, it is patented.

Best Warranty in the Industry

Two years on parts, one year on labor. Lifetime on the mist bar and nozzle shut off. Superior technology, equipment and service with the best warranty.

Service Excellence

Our comprehensive expertise allows us to service your produce misting, humidity control, water filtration or water purification equipment. Our friendly service team with Water Quality Association certification backing is dedicated to helping you whenever you need us.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Corrigan’s equipment is practical, reliable, easy to operate and simple to maintain. Built to last, some of Corrigan’s systems can still be found well after 15 years of ownership. Service technicians everywhere request their stores to choose Corrigan in order to save precious time and money.

Simple to Maintain

Corrigan systems are engineered to be simple to operate and maintain. From the patented UltraMist™ that easily slides on and off, to the HyperSoft™ and VaporPlus™ manufactured to prevent buildup and clogged nozzles, all of Corrigan’s systems are designed with a low maintenance approach.

Made in the USA

Corrigan Corporation products are designed and manufactured in the United States of America. Using the most current technologies and highly trained American workers, we consistently produce the most reliable products in the industry. Certification by NSF169 and UL73 is testament to our American quality.

NSF Certification / UL Approval

Right from the very beginning, Corrigan proved to be a company with an emphasis on quality engineering. This importance placed on quality is reflected in the NSF Certification and UL approval achieved for produce misting and humidity systems. Another industry first!

Over 40 Years of Experience

With a foundation in perishable retailing, Corrigan invented the produce misting system in 1979. Over the years, Corrigan’s continued innovation paved the way for revolutionizing the industry with their reverse osmosis and humidity systems and more. Today, the company continues to engineer and manufacture the most reliable perishable solutions available.

Satisfied Customer Statements

“Corrigan has turned our misting program around 180 degrees.… I just don’t hear about misting problems anymore.”

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