Corrigan Corporation is the leader in produce misting, humidity control, water purification and water filtration products and services for the perishable food industries. The company was founded by Jack Corrigan who realized he was throwing away potential profits at his produce market. With his Civil Engineering background, Jack invented the first automated produce misting system.

Using the guiding principles of the founder, the company today innovates, engineers and manufactures the most reliable products in the industry. Below is a listing of our core patents:


Description US Patent Number Download
Fresh Produce Misting System 4,179,900 Adobe Acrobat PDF
Method Of Spraying Water Mist Onto Produce In A Display Case 4,882,189 Adobe Acrobat PDF
Misting System 4,925,097 Adobe Acrobat PDF
Misting System Nozzle Holder With Manual Slide Shut-Off Valve 6,651,901 Adobe Acrobat PDF