UltraMist™ is ideal for produce and any application that requires misting.

Download UltraMist™ BrochureLifetime guarantee on UltraMist bar

UltraMist™ Benefits

  • Easily slides on and off
  • Smallest profile, ideal for mounting in all cases
  • All nozzle spray patterns
  • Available locking head
  • Optional 360º pivoting head
  • Strong schedule 80 pipe
  • Available in black or white
  • Fast install and easy maintenance
  • Most versatile system for resets
  • Best industry warranty: lifetime on the mist bar and nozzle shut off
  • Certified by NSF169


Patented UltraMist™ Nozzle


Corrigan’s produce misting provides a thin, dew-like barrier of moisture, resulting in:

  • Longer shelf life and increased profits
  • Opportunities for greater variety and larger displays
  • Higher chlorophyll and vitamin content
  • A fresh appearance for customers who buy with their eyes
  • Produce that makes your store the destination of choice
  • A smart, focused use of water


Full System

Example of typical installation:

Ultramist installation

A misting system, simple to use and maintain, is also easy to order!

Step One: Select Misting Filtration

PumpPak Filtration

Select when water hardness is low. Standard one-micron filter removes sediment that would otherwise clog nozzles and solenoids.

HyperSoft™ Series Reverse Osmosis

Select when scale buildup on cases is a concern. CRO300 removes minerals and uses a unique membrane flush for longer service life.

Step Two: Select Misting Controller

ACP Controller

Select this controller when all that is needed is timer control to turn misting on and off automatically. Engineered pressure relief mechanism ensures there are no drips. Instant on and instant off operation.

Que Audio Warning Controller

Select when audio marketing is desired. Stereo sounds provided by Corrigan or download audio to the flash card memory. You can easily change messages for sales, seasonal, specials… It’s as VAST as your imagination.

Step Three: UltraMist™ Nozzle Patterns

80º Hollow Cone

Select this nozzle if misting is installed in canopy of produce case. Typically used with the fan style nozzle in an alternating fashion.

80º Low Flow Fogging Hollow Cone

Select this fogging nozzle, with the lowest flow in the industry. Typically installed in canopy of produce cases for energy savings.

Fan Style

Select this nozzle if misting along the back of produce case to avoid overspray on mirrors. Also used for narrow product displays.

110º Hollow Cone

Select this nozzle for under-shelf installations and when product is close to mist bar.



Corrigan’s TriOBreeze is a natural, residue-free misting disinfection system. It is chemical free, with no maintenance.

  • Proven Sanitizing System
  • Turn Key Operation

Corrigan engineers the activated oxygen (O3) to sanitize the mist bar, nozzles and drain lines. The precise amount of O3 is metered for the correct duration to effectively sanitize the system. Typically, it is programmed for just two minutes in the middle of the night or early morning hours. TriOBreeze is residue-free and does not require expensive chemical solution refills.