Filtered water dramatically extends the life of combi-waves, proofers, steamers and other water using equipment.

The Secret Ingredient

A great recipe starts with a solid foundation of quality ingredients. Proper water quality should be part of this foundation.

Just as the type of flour you select can define the taste, texture and structure of your final product, poor water quality can adversely affect your outcome as well.

Simply put, filtered water will improve the taste of baked goods while dramatically increasing the life of your water using equipment.


Equipment that’s practical, reliable, and designed to improve profits

Corrigan’s unique experience in the food industry allows us to offer a new perspective on ways to improve profitability for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our latest innovations.


Humidity in Baking

Corrigan’s VaporPlus™ humidity system is ideal for preventing the drying effects in a refrigerated bakery case keeping baked goods fresher for longer. Precisely regulated humidity can also prevent cracks from forming in frosting and fondant.

No more broken down equipment


Whether you need a water softener or an advanced water filtration system for your proofer, Corrigan will customize a solution that is right for you. Our advanced water filtration systems increase the life of Combi-waves, proofers, steamers and other locations where water is used.

Reverse Osmosis Makes a Difference

RO System

Because the water going into it can adversely affect water using equipment, hard water and scale will translate into high maintenance cost. The process of reverse osmosis removes hardness ions and other scale constituents, thus producing purified water and significantly reducing service expenses.

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