Water Filtration for Supermarkets

Misting System Filtration

PumpPak Filtration

Corrigan’s standard water filtration system is designed to provide pressurized water to the UltraMist™, filtering out sediment that would otherwise clog nozzles and solenoids.

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HyperSoft™ Series CRO300 and CRO360B

Corrigan’s HyperSoft reverse osmosis systems are specified when scale buildup on cases, hard water and other water quality issues are a concern. The system removes minerals and other constituents from the water for optimal performance.

Whole Store Reverse Osmosis Systems


Larger HyperSoft systems (CRO850, CRO1700, CRO2500) are specified to feed additional water-using equipment such as combi ovens, proofers, pharmacy equipment, coffee stations, etc.