Que Audio Marketing™

Que is a state-of-the-art compact audio stereo system that broadcasts short recordings to localized areas of your store.

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Que Audio Marketing™ Benefits

Que forges new roads into the grocery store sales arena allowing retailers to reach customers in many innovative ways.

  • MISTER ALERTS: Que can be set upon a timer to synchronize with your produce misting systems to alert customers of mist activation.
  • SERVICE CASES: Que is now also being used in all types of service seafood, meat, deli, or pasta cases.
  • AMBIANCE: Que allows messages to the store environment at the point of sale. Tease a smile from the shoppers with sounds of a hen emanating from the egg case as the customer approaches, or rising Italian opera playing through your authentic imported private label pasta line or perhaps cow moos serenading from your dairy cooler, and fog horns and ocean sounds coming from your service seafood case.
  • STORE SPECIALS: Que effectively promotes specials, sales and seasonal items through announcements as customers pass these products. It directs customers’ attention to the point-of-sale on the shelf.
  • WELCOME/THANK YOU: QueTwo can be configured to welcome customers as they enter your market or thank them as they exit.
  • LANGUAGE: Que can be used to target non-English speaking customers with messages in their own language.
  • SEASONAL: Que can be used to broadcast seasonal greetings, holiday music segments or other messages related to seasonal merchandising.
  • ANYTHING YOU WANT: These are only a few of the possibilities due to the incredible flexibility of the Que stereo system.

Produce Misting MP3 Stereo Sound System

Que Audio Player

Pick from our list of messages, or download your own MP3 music or custom seasonal announcements.  A complete Corrigan audio system includes the Que audio player and flash card (pictured), CSS controller, SR2N remote assembly and speakers.

Sound System Example

An example of audio marketing with produce misting controls.  Que audio is available for other applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Que can broadcast any MP3 recorded message.
  • Que can be configured to activate with Doppler motion sensor, a door switch or a timer.
  • Que has a self-contained stereo amplifier with volume control and power supply with on/off indicator.
  • Que messages are digitally recorded on small dependable compact flash cards.
  • Que flash cards contain up to 64 MB of recorded messages which can be broken up and sequenced into any number of segments.
  • Additional flash cards are available from your local supplier and can be prerecorded or rerecorded and saved for future use.
  • Que systems are compact so that they may be easily concealed.
  • Each Que system includes two state-of-the-art speakers for high quality stereo sound. The speakers are also waterproof and weather resistant.
  • Que systems come with a one year parts and labor warranty.