Satisfied Customers

Reduces Shrink

“The Corrigan VaporDry™ saved my operation 50% on shrink per carcass. The system allowed us to get out of the old drip humidity method and keeps the room consistently at 90% RH. And surfaces stay dry.”

Joe, Plant Manager
Meat Processing Facility

Maintains Freshness

“I couldn’t do my job. I mean I wouldn’t do this job if I didn’t have the Corrigan VaporPlus™ to keep my meat fresh. With this large a display I am responsible for, the fog keeps my product looking great, even at closing tonight, it will look the same as when I loaded the case at 6 this morning. No turns.”

Tom, Meat Department Manager

Service after the Sale

“I’m really glad you came because Joe did a great job. I remember him. I can honestly say that I was really impressed with him, really impressed! He made sure everything was working just right. He made a lot of changes and I was just so happy with everything. It is spraying just how we wanted it to and the vegetables look great. Thank you so much.”

Don, Farm Stand Manager

Quality Equipment

“Corrigan has turned our misting program around 180 degrees. I had all the other misting companies in here and I got tired of hearing about all the break downs and emergency service calls. In six months’ time, they solved all our problem stores’ issues and continue to improve our misting and humidity operations. I just don’t hear about misting problems anymore.”

Rick S., Maintenance Supervisor