CRO850 Reverse Osmosis System

HyperSoft Reverse Osmosis Systems

CRO850 – 850 gallons per day

CRO850 Features

  • 850 gallons per day
  • 99% rejection of dissolved solids
  • Permeate auto-flush*
  • 2.5” x 40” high flow membrane
  • 50% recovery (one gallon to drain for every gallon made)
  • Low feed-water pressure switch with lockout and reset button to prevent damage to pump
  • Adjustable tank pressure switch
  • 20” Sediment and Carbon pre-filters included with system


The Corrigan Edge

*Permeate Auto Flush:
After filling the storage tank, a typical RO shuts down leaving hard water inside the membrane. This hard water dramatically shortens the life of the membrane and effects water quality upon start-up. Corrigan’s Permeate Auto-Flush feature automatically cleans the hard water off of the membrane after each cycle. This process prolongs membrane life and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Corrigan reverse osmosis filtration will increase your sales and profits with water that:

  • Won’t leave mineral and scale residue on surfaces
  • Sharply lowers maintenance on water-using equipment
  • Makes better tasting beverages and ice


CRO850 Applications

  • Automatic misting systems (helps eliminate scale spotting)
  • Ice machines
  • Bakery equipment
  • Steam tables
  • Floral
  • Water vending equipment
  • Steam equipment
  • Deionization pretreatment
  • Coffee & post-mix equipment

CRO850 System Components


Two larger 20” filters for greater filtering ability and longer time between changes.

RO System

Includes long-life membrane design as clean water automatically flushes hard water off membrane after each cycle.*

Accumulator Tank

Nine-gallon water storage tank provided as standard, larger available.

Nominal capacity 850 gallons per day
RO assembly dimensions 48″ wide, 13″ deep, 8″ tall
Filtration dimensions 14″ wide, 5.5″ deep, 24″ high
Weight (dry) 68 lbs.
Typical recovery 50%
Membrane 1 each TFC – 2.5″ × 40″
Ionic rejection range 95 – 98%
Housing Stainless steel
Pump Rotary vane
Switches Low feed water and tank pressure cutout
Tank pressure switch range 30 – 50 psi
Minimum feed pressure 30 psi
Electrical requirements 120V, 15A, 60Hz
Motor 1/2 HP, Thermally Protected, 1725 RPM, Drip Proof
Maximum feed temperature 77°F
Feed pH range 2-11
Maximum free chlorine < 0.1 ppm

1 – Product flow rate based on flow to atmosphere. Flow to higher pressure vessels will reduce flow.

2 – Prefiltration designed to reduce chlorine below this level.